New Englad Wireless Co. high-speed Internet services are delivered using state of the art wireless and fiber optic technologies

NEWco uses advanced high-speed wireless network to deliver a suite of communications services developed to enhance the lives of the NEWco subscribers.

We begin with our own backbone, the infrastructure that delivers the NEWco high-speed signal to a high vantage point. More often than not, we use an existing structure “such as” a communications tower where we collocate our equipment and transmit our high-speed signal to a small proprietary radio that’s professionally affixed to a structure at your location, usually your home.

This type of system is called a point-to-multipoint system in that your neighbors will receive a similar signal from the same tower.

Often times, to extend service to more difficult to reach locations, we can “bounce” the NEWco High-Speed signal using repeaters that have no impact on the speed of the repeater host location or the recipient of the “bounced” signal.

Why NEWco