NEWSpot WiFi from NEWco

Let's face it, the world is going wireless. That means a greater need for mobility in your home or business as well as in high-value areas like campgrounds, resorts, or even an idyllic village green. Not only does New England Wireless Co. build fixed wireless communications and infrastructure; we do WiFi. The best part is, we give you choice of WiFi services.

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NEWco Community WiFi - A free model

NEWco has been helping towns like Newport, VT, and many more, cut the cord with a model that offers visitors FREE WiFi access in high-value areas, like a downtown center. Using NEWco Community WiFi; towns, villages and businesses will be able attract more visitors and ultimately create revenue for local business. More visitors, more business and a means for economic development... that's good for everyone.

NEWSpot WiFi - A Fee-based model

NEWSpot WiFi is a fee-based model that adds value to any resort or hospitality offering. NEWSpot allows your visitor to stay connected even while in a tent deep in the woods. This turn-key WiFi solution provides for network deployment, maintenance and administration. The fee-based system automatically takes care of billing for hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly fee options so that your visitors can use the service to best meet their needs. That's good for you and good for them. And, chances are, they'll be back knowing you provide this powerful service.

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